Pet Boys

Alpacas make great pets and we currently have 10 pet boys. We use the boys for our walking experiences and also for their fleece.


Please see below our boys

Our 4 original boys Tobin (white), Murray (black),Bertie (brown) and Mead (dark brown). 



Here are 4 of our boys breed from our females. Far Left Brown is Eusabio the son of Candy, next to him the dark brown is Guto the son of Sorrel, the fawn in the middle is Rivaldo the son of Popcorn and the last on the right is mead on of our orginal pet boys. 3 of these we use on our walking experiences.



These are Olaf the brown he is the son of Popcorn, the grey closest to us is Pele he is the son of Sorrel and we hope he will become a stud male as he matures as he has a super fine fleece and last at the back we have Socrates a rose grey who is the son of Popcorn. 

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