Each year we hope to have healthy, lively crias born on the farm. The crias we have will either enter into our breeding programme, join our team of walking alpacas or we may sell some. In 2014 we had 3 boy crias which became our first walking alpacas. 2015 gave us 1 female who has joined our breeding progamme and 2 boys, one of which we hope to become a stud male as he has superfine fleece and the other boy has again joined our walkers. In 2016 we had 1 female and 1 boy again the female will join our breeding progamme and the boy has began walking. 2017 has been a very successful breeding year here on the farm and have had 4 females and 3 boys.

The boy crias that are born here on the farm we name after South American footballers and the girls we name after strong women from history.


2018 Crias

First born this year was Edu. He is a blue eyed white boy, Which makes hime very striking and stands out from the rest of the alpacas.

His dam is Candy and his sire id Fowberry Richebourg.

We hope to be abkle to use his super soft fleece for some of our lovely products and also we hope we will follow in his half brothers footsteps (Eusabio) and join our team of walking boys.

Next to be born was this gorgeous little girl called Christabel. Named after Christabel Pankhust. Her dam is CSA Nikita and her sire is the stunning Bozedown dream chaser. We hope to improve our grey genetics and she will become a lovely addition to our breeding programme.   

Our last arrival this year was a gorgeous grey boy called Felix. His dam is Bow and his sire is Fowberry Richebourg. He already has lots of presence and good conformation. 

We hope to take him to the National Alpaca show next year and see how he does in the show ring.

2017 Crias  



First born this year was Alisha whos mother is Almathea. 

Shes a cheeky cria and likes to get in to places she shouldnt. Her sire is Toft Timogen



Next to be born was Artemis who is Popcorns very pretty girl. She s quite a shy girl who likes to be with her best friend Rhea. Both girls were born on the same day, literally minutes apart. Artemis sire is Toft Leander 


This is Rhea who was born on the same day as Artemis and her mother is Bow. Bow was a first time mother this year and didnt really understand how to be a mother so we ended up bottle feeding Rhea. She is a strong, demanding girl. Who spends most of her time with best friend Artemis and her mother Popcorn. Her sire is Toft Rastaban.

The first boy born in 2017 was Ronaldo. His mother is Esmeralda and he is her first cria. Ronaldo is pure black and his sire is Blackberry Hercules. 


This is Thora the last girl cria to be born in 2017 and she is with her mother Erin. Again Erin was a first time mum and has given us a lovely rose grey. Erin is a very loving, friendly alpaca and we hope Thora will follow in her mothers footsteps. Thora's sire is Toft Leander.

Here we have Dida, he is the son of Snowflake one of our older mothers. He a very attractive meduim brown colour with some presence even at a early age. His sire is Toft Rastaban

This stunning little man is called Nightwing. Him and his mother joined our herd in december 2017 from CS Alpacas. He is Mid Rose grey and his dam is CS Alpacas Nikita(Rose grey) and his sire is EP Cambridge Gunsmith(Mid Grey). We hope to show Nightwing this year with the aim that he will become a stud male to improve and bring new genetics to our herd. 

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