Breeding Females

We currently have 13 females in our breeding programme. Each female is indiviually choosen on good conformation, fleece quality and character. Each year we hope to increase our female numbers by adding the female crias we have born on the farm so our herd can conitually improve and we can retire the older females.


Please see below our lovely female alpacas  


These are Candy(far brown), Sorrel(dark middle brown), Twan We(front brown) and Esmeralda(black). 

Candy has given us Sorrel, Eusabio, Josephine and Pocohantas.

Sorrel is Candys daughter and has produced Guto, Pele and this year Lucio.

Twan We we hope is pregnant so will give birth 2018. 

Esmeralda gave birth to a lovely black cria which we have named Ronaldo.

Next we have Bow(left white), Snowflake(middle white) and hiding at the back is Popcorn. 

Bow is the daughter of Snowflake and this year gave birth to a beautiful girl cria called Rhea. 

SnowFlake gave birth to Dida a boy cria. 

Popcorn has given us Olaf, Socrates and this year alittle girl called Artemis.

This is Erin she is rose grey and we purchased her in 2015. 

This year she gave birth to a stunning rose grey girl called Thora. 

Erin is very inquisitive and likes to get her head through the fence to eat. She is also very affectionate.

Here is Almathea and she came to us from Toft Alpacas in spring 2017. 

She gave birth at the end of may to a lively, cheeky girl cria who we called Alisha or Miss Alisha on her more cheeky days.

We also bought Raz at the same time with Almathea from Toft Alpacas. She is hopefully pregnant to our own stud male Fowberry Richebourg and we are definitely looking forward to meeting her cria next year. She has been scanned and is confirmed pregnant.

These are two of our home bred females which have just joined our breeding programme. Josephine (dark brown) she is Candys daughter the first ever cria to be born here at Clivewood in june 2015. 

The white female is Pocahontas who is Josephines half sister, candy is also her mother. She was born in 2016. 

The cria posing in the picture is Dida Snowflakes boy born this year, he already has an eye for the ladies!!!

This is Jubliee the newest member of the Clivewood herd. We purchased her from CS Alpacas and will join our breeding programme next year. She is a lovely alpaca and has settled in well with Josephine and Pocahontas.

On one of the visits to CS Alpacas we were introduced to a lovely Rose grey female called Nikita and her cria Nightwing. As we were looking to specialise in grey alpacas after alot of discussion we made the decision to purchase both alpacas as they have excellent pedigree and will bring in new genetics to our herd. Nikitas Sire is Bozedown Beck(Rose grey) and her Dam is Great House Nevina(Dark Grey). She has 3 generations of grey on her dams side. She has been scanned pregnant by Bozedown Dream Chaser and we are very much looking forward to see her cria born this year.

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